Why You Should Connect Your CCTV to the Internet

Why You Should Connect Your CCTV to the
Connecting your CCTV system to the internet makes it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Potential
criminals can use a malicious program to disable your CCTV system, allowing them to enter
your home or office. However, there are many simple security measures you can take to protect
your CCTV system from misuse or unauthorised access cctv singapore. If you’re unsure whether you should
connect your CCTV system to the internet, read on to learn how. Here are some benefits of
online CCTV systems.

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Internet Eyes
An online cctv service called Internet Eyes is launching in the UK and invites Web users to help
fight crime cctv camera. Businesses involved in the project send live CCTV recordings to the site, where
would-be crime-busters can scrutinise the footage for suspicious behaviour. Once the footage is
analyzed, it will alert the owner of the property to suspicious activities by text message. There
are no money or prizes involved, but the service offers users the chance to earn up to 1,000
pounds a month.
Buying a CCTV camera online
If you want to keep an eye on your business premises, buying a CCTV camera online is an
excellent choice. The technology behind these cameras is continually improving, and there are a
number of advantages to buying a CCTV camera online. Not only do you get a reliable security
system, but you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced risk.
Listed below are some tips for choosing the right camera for your business.
Using a VPN connection to access a CCTV system
Remote access to CCTV systems from smart phones and tablets is now possible thanks to
modern security systems. However, most people don’t take the necessary steps to ensure their
remote access is secure. If you’re interested in setting up CCTV access for your home or
business, there are several ways to secure your connection. One way is by using a VPN
connection. It is essential that you change any default passwords that may be associated with
the system.

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Recording footage on a cloud storage service
For a variety of reasons, companies and institutions are increasingly choosing to record
surveillance footage on cloud storage services. Not only is cloud storage easier to manage, but
it allows for remote access of large files. With cloud CCTV storage, you can access footage both
in real time and on demand, and you’ll have the flexibility to review video clips whenever you
want. This method is most suitable for IP cameras, which are specifically designed to work with
cloud storage. These cameras operate just like ordinary cameras, but instead of recording video
in real time, they convert that information into data which can be transferred via the internet.

Using an NVR to access a CCTV system
Using an NVR to access a surveillance system is possible if you have a networked system of IP
cameras. This system can be installed in just a few steps. First, you need to find out which NVR
you should buy. Make sure it supports the resolution of your cameras. Some NVRs do not
support the resolution of 12MP or 4K cameras. Then, you should choose a quality PoE switch to
connect your NVR to your cameras. The following guide will teach you how to do it.