Child Development

At what age do babies crawl and its stimulating advantages?

Crawling is an important stage of child development . Defining how many months a baby crawls is complicated when the baby’s evolution is different in each case. However, if you talk about how old babies crawl on average, this is between 5 and 10 months of age . The development of the baby from week to week differs in each case and in principle a baby crawling sooner or later is neither better nor worse.

Why is crawling so important to the baby?

Causes why the baby does not crawl

It is not uncommon to want to know with exact figures when a baby begins to crawl. But it is of no use. At what age some children or others begin to crawl is due to different issues. Each baby has its own rhythm. And this, in principle, is not indicative of anything. In fact, there are children who do not crawl and in the development of the baby month after month you go from not even crawling to getting up and walking.

The reasons why a child does not crawl can be varied. It is true that in some cases it is due to neurological and developmental causes  . In other cases, the environment and the activity on the baby floor are key to influencing the age at which babies crawl.

The importance of crawling for the baby

Crawling is not a waste of time . The crawling age is important in the baby’s psychomotor development .

  • Crawling connects the brain hemispheres creating crucial information pathways for the maturation of different cognitive functions .
  • Crawling develops the cross-over pattern , key at the neurological level for body movement in balance in the human body.
  • Crawling develops the vestibular system and the proprioceptive system, which are what allow us to know where our own body parts are.
  • The crawling movement itself has an educational factor for small eye-hand coordination thanks to the movements of the hands.
  • Allows focus of the eyes . In fact, the lack of crawling or the very reduced phase of this is the main cause of strabismus .
  • It allows the best tactility of the palm , key later for processes such as writing or drawing .
  • It helps to establish the future lateralization of the brain .
  • It favors learning .
  • Crawling and crawling helps the baby to lose his fears , to reach goals , to surpass himself .
  • Crawling helps avoid concentration problems .
  • Improve your autonomy .

What age do babies crawl?

As we have already pointed out, it is something that depends on each baby . But for a baby to be able to crawl naturally when his own development considers it, he must have the opportunity to do so.

What does this mean? That, more and more often, the baby is not given the opportunity to crawl or crawl . The growth of the baby is happening without it being allowed enough time to play and stay on the floor to be able, naturally, to start crawling and / or crawling.

Devices such as walkers are becoming more and more frequent, although they are discouraged by pediatricians . The desire to forget at what age babies crawl to go directly to what age babies walk, the use of games that do not stimulate this phase of child development … These are part of the factors that influence that the baby, on many occasions, does not get a chance to crawl.

Stimulating crawling is totally advisable from the first weeks of the baby’s life .

Don’t ask yourself at what age babies crawl, ask yourself how to stimulate your baby’s crawl

Performing sensory activities and providing the child with sensory toys are key to their psychomotor and cognitive development . Provide ground time and crawling stimuli, too.

The crawling can be stimulated through the circuits of motor skills baby. Also the game between babies and adults in their care. Traditional games like doing the wheelbarrow or the classic you can’t catch me  help to stimulate crawling while entertaining the baby and allow it to stimulate different senses .  

But also solo play is important to stimulate crawling. Letting him play more time on the floor and less in the crib, the sofa or sitting on a rocker, will help him to crawl for his better psychomotor development.

Before asking yourself at what age babies crawl and if it is early or late for your child, give him the opportunity to crawl from his first months of life.